Fear the Ghost

Snapchat just opened up an ad platform and it's a game changer

Up until a few weeks ago advertising through snapchat was a bit difficult for the everyday brand to do. But that all changed when Snapchat allowed users to upload their own custom geofilter designs to locations of their choosing.

What is a Geofilter?

How to Effectively Use Them

There are several ways for brands to effectively create geo-campaigns. The first is to target you own physical location and launch your filters within those areas. For example launch your filters over your store locations.

The second is to choose locations or events that match your demographic and launch your filters over those locations. For example a company that sells teen clothing would target high schools in their region.


Keep in Mind Your Quality

Whatever way you choose to market your brand using snapchat just remember that hiring a creative or marketing agency to construct an intricate campaign will set you lightyears above your competition.


Lindstrom Creative Can Help…

We are always available to discuss how to best take advantage of this new technology for you and your business. We will even help you create your first snap campaigns, so get on board with #feartheghost


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